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The investing world is a complicated and volatile one so we’ve made courses to make it easy. No more guessing what you should be doing with your money, just follow these simple steps! You can purchase the courses individually or get an unlimited all-access pass for only $197. Instead of spending hours trying to figure this out on your own, the training’s available here 24/7.

Income Investing

This free mini-course introduces you to income investing and the 12 different ways you can invest your money and earn passive income so that you can start making more money today!

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The I12 Money Machine

The I12 Money Machine System is a modern spin on a 400+ year old investment strategy that grows your investment portfolio exponentially - in any market. In addition to the course, you get live case studies and the I12 Money Machine Planner specifically designed to automate and track your plan. (Download included)

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Portfolio Income Accelerator

Portfolio Income Accelerator teaches you how to sell options on your stock to generate CASH today! You don't sell your stock, you just collect cash every month (or week) from people who want the option to buy it from you in the future at a price you set.

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Stock Analyst Fast Track

How to analyze any stock like a Wall St pro! Includes fundamental AND technical analysis of Income, Value, and Growth stocks.

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Income Angels

How to become an Angel Investor and invest in startups for as little as $100 and get paid a percentage of their revenue - up to 3x your investment!

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Real Estate Banker

How to invest in real estate notes on real property and earn 9% - 12% income. No fixing or flipping or land lording - be the bank instead and earn truly passive income with notes as low as $10.

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Income Options Masterclass

How to sell call and put options for instant income on stocks – whether you own them or not! Simple, proven strategies that work when the market is up, down, or sideways. Includes how to trade calls, puts, and bear and bull spreads so that you can start making money today.

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Bear Market Profits Masterclass

How to short the market and profit when stocks are down. Includes three masterclass training sessions that cover how to short stocks, buy puts, and trade inverse ETF's so that you can profit on all sorts of declines – individual stocks, entire sectors, and every major index!

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